Ring of Heroes to be released in Canada and Australia first
So the Ring of Heroes facebook announced that the game will released in Australia, New Zealand and Canada first before the U.S.

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Many of you have seen and heard the news about an Australia and Canada release and we're here to confirm that it is true. Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes will launch in Australia and Canada first, and then we will open up the game to other regions soon after!

In the meantime, we will be supporting the Australian and Canadian release with full force, so stay tuned because we will release all sorts of guides and videos that will be beneficial for users in Australia, Canada as well as other regions! We want to sincerely thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding. We believe in open communication with the community, so please continue to ask questions and share your concerns and keep an eye out; a Skylanders Ring of Heroes Official just might have the answer!
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I think I've this before...
It seems Skylanders always gets released early in Australia. Why do we get the priority?
(Not complaining; asking.)
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Why not just release the game worldwide instead of making most countries have to wait? I can’t imagine enough people still care about Skylanders to have the servers crash.
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Over 1 million users still care, so... but who knows?
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Also what was the point of Pre-Registing if it's not coming out worldwide at launch.

As long it doesn't take over a year to release in Latin American Countries Cough Kingdom Hearts Union X Cough
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They released the release dates for ROH for Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and they'll be released in those regions this week:

Australia: Dec. 13th 12pm (GMT+11)
Canada: Dec. 12th 8pm (GMT-5)
New Zealand: Dec. 13th 2pm (GMT+13)
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