Update on Global Release
Com2Us released a Developer Blog through their facebook account of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.

Ring of Heroes Facebook Wrote:Hello Portal Master!

We would like to address some of the big issues users have been expressing in regards to our Global Launch.
We want everyone to know that we are still working very hard to get the Global Launch up and going as soon as we can. We don’t have a set date, but the game is still in production and on its way to more regions. Now, let’s look at some questions!

When Global Release does occur, will there be one or multiple servers?
As far as servers are concerned, we are investigating different options. We want to make sure that we have the best solution for all players. We will definitely update everyone once the plans are fixed.

Speaking of servers, will newcomers be on the same server(s) as the players from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada?
Just to reiterate, we can go either route and divide them or keep them all on the same server. However, if we do compile all regions to one server, we'll be sure to address any issues concerning newcomers catching up to players that have already been playing

Many users are concerned with the aspect of ‘being left behind’ competitive and progress-wise. Will there be any kind of incentives available for users outside AUS, NZ, and CA to help them catch up?
New events and new content are already being prepared for just this reason. We are actually planning events that specifically target new coming users to help get them all settled in.

Why is the game taking so long to be released? What sort of roadblocks are the devs facing?
We're constantly adapting to feedback with new ideas. The game is being tweaked and improved all the time. To give you all a hint of the new content we’ve been working on for the update, there’s The Cavern of Gold dungeon, Friendly Matches in Duels, Real-time PvP in Arena, and Guild Raids are all being implemented and highly considered. Below are a few other things we’re working on:

· Improving the way characters are “Powered-Up”
· Dungeon balances
· Improvements with the acquisition of Soul Stones
· Making Reward info clearer and more concise
· Better Drop Rate insights
· UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) improvements
· Skylander Skill animation improvements
· Rune Menu improvements
· And bug fixes

Along with more game guides and specialized content, our aim is to really help users understand and remedy any issues they may have when we update.

There was a noticeable lack of information before and after the recent release. How is Com2us going to improve player communication in the future?
We will update the community with Dev Notes* on a regular basis across various social networks, not just on Facebook. We’re also asking CM’s (Community Managers) and other game officials to reach out to users more frequently. We will notify the plans and considered contents to users to make sure to bring better understanding of the game.

And as always…Thank you for your patience and for sticking with us.
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Well that's a problem for me, since I've already got the game in Australia...
Though the balancing is something they need to work on.

In order to clear the final world, you need to have Lv.50 Skylanders... and the grinding required to get there is just AGONIZING!!!
You don't get enough experience from completing adventures or the Distorted Dimensions (especially the latter). And it would be so much easier if you got plenty of experience from the Distorted Dimensions, since you'll probably be doing them the most to get the ores required for powering up, evolving and awakening.
It's not that difficult a change.
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Here's another update from a Korean press site:


Quote:"The Skylanders Ring of Heroes will be launched in Western markets, such as North America and Europe, two or three weeks after the second update," said Comus, "The goal is to launch Feb. 28, and there will be an error of about a week at the longest," he added.

Com2uS is currently in the process of launching 'Skylanders Ring of Heroes' software, and will be working on strengthening its business model and further improving its growth segment. Last month, we made updates such as strengthening early retention and adding real-time games.

Com2uS said, "We have put the top priority in stabilizing the soft launch period service and secured various play data during the long soft launch period." Based on this, we made the first update and after that we analyzed the data and made the second update. I think we have improved the part to be improved and got a lot of fun."
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Some answers at last! I do have to say my hype for the game has largely died down after watching everyone else around the world play it, but I am still excited. I'm glad they are committed to having a strong American launch.
Finally but how terrible for a release, they promised a 2018 release. Yes, it did come out, but not worldwide.
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