Favourite RoH Skylanders and/or Teams
Right now, only those in select regions can play Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.
However, I'm creating this thread in advance for when the game is released worldwide!

Here we can talk about which of the Skylanders in the game are our favourites, and which teams we like using.

To give you guys a taste of what the game is like, allow me to give you some of my faves...

Hotdog Hot Dog - Support
He might look like an offensive Skylander, but he's a Support class through and through. With the ability to boost Attack and Accuracy as well as heal with his Fire Bark attack, he can really aid Attack and offensive based Expert Skylanders. In fact, with the right set-up, he can hold his own against horse of Air and Undead opponents!
He's a vital part of just about any team he is in, and makes a great team leader with his Accuracy boosting. What a good boy!

Splat Splat - Attack
You want crits? Give her crit rate up!
Why? Because with each critical hit that Splat deals, she gains the Mystify effect... and while UNDER Mystify, her attacks gain extra benefits! From attacking an extra time to amplifying the effects, Splat is one of the more savage Attack class Skylanders in the game! Better yet, with a high enough crit rate, you can chain attacks together and prolong the Mystify effect, allowing you to go from one attack to the next seamlessly!
She'll leave an impression on you for certain.

Chopper Chopper - Attack
Chopper is good for really only one thing: slaughtering Fire and Magic Skylanders!
He doesn't have a lot in versatility, but he doesn't need to be. If you find yourself up against Skylanders of either element that Tech is strong against, Chopper is a safe bet. When he deals damage, there is a chance that he will follow up with an insanely powerful bonus attack that cuts the health bar down to size!
The only thing extinct when Chopper is around are Fire and Magic Skylanders. Watch out!

Stealthelf Stealth Elf - Expert
Did you expect anything less of me?
While she might seem at first to be nothing more than a purely offensive Skylander... well, you're right. But there's an extra layer to Stealth Elf's gameplay that makes her highly dangerous to be up against!
By trading out one of her attacks for the Stealth ability, you can freely opt to gain the Stealth effect for zero mana. While like this, she cannot be targeted individually; only 'hit all' attacks will hit her, though even then that's easier said than done. Plus, you're next attack with Elf has an increased chance to be a critical hit. And if she lands one, an extra benefit is yours! Either wide-spread damage to all of your opponents with the Blade Slash attack or inflicting the Poison effect on the target enemy with the Poison Spores attack.
Need I say more?

Whirlwind Whirlwind - Support
Finally, the air dragon Whirlwind!
While Hot Dog by comparison was capable of holding his own, Whirlwind is better suited to assisting a team instead of indirectly helping. She really only has one viable attack move, but even then it's pretty underwhelming in damage. Her attack move is better viewed for it's supportive nature: damage up to enemies and inflicting the Electrify status, which means that their Endurance goes down more when they take damage (among other effects).
And then there's her charge ability: Tempest Cloud.When ready and unleashed, she grants a Regen status to all allies that gradually regenerates their health every turn until it wears off. And this ability can be boosted quite a lot through powering up the Skill and even Awakening!
Paired up with High Volt, and these two can support each all day. All that's left is the team leader...

I currently don't really have a consistent favourite team, but I often find myself coming back to Hot Dog, Tuff Luck and Blades, among others - including the ones I just listed above.

I look forward to hearing what your favourites end up becoming...
And I hope I enlightened you all on some of the Skylanders you can expect to summon in the game.
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!


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