Version 1.0.6 Update
A new game update is coming to Ring of Heroes!

Quote:1. New dungeon: Meditating Woodland
  • Meditating Woodland is a dungeon where large amount of EXP can be acquired.
  • Meditating Woodland opens when you clear 7-1 (Easy).
  • Enter through ‘Challenges’ menu.
  • There is a drop chance of Red potions.
  • The number of entries per day is limited to 3.
[Image: KakaoTalk_20190314_002731960_1552490953.jpg]

2. Bonus for Gem purchases.
- Bonus items are added to Gems purchases at Shop.
1) 850 Gems + Bonus) 1 Normal Ticket
2) 1,350 Gems + Bonus) 2 Normal Tickets
3) 2,400 Gems + Bonus) 4 Normal Tickets
4) 5,000 Gems + Bonus) 1 Ultra Premium Ticket

3. New packs are added
- Limited time pack: Arkeyan Armory Omni Pack
  -> Sold for a week only!
  -> 1,350 Gems + 30 Legendary Omni Soul Stones

- New packs without time limit:

1) Power Pack 1
  -> 1,350 Gems + 1 Legendary Swap Scroll (30 Soul Stones)

2) Power Pack 2
  -> 1,350 Gems + 1 Heroic Swap Scroll (40 Soul Stones)

3) Power Pack 3
  -> 1,350 Gems + 1 Upgrade Elixir (L) + 5 Upgrade Elixir (M) + 30 Upgrade Elixir

4) Element Choice Pack
Includes 1500 Gems + 3 Premium Tickets

- Below Packs are only available to Portal Masters whose Level is 10 or higher for 10 days only.
1) Special Pack Ⅰ
  -> 1,000 Gems + 50 Soul Stones of Stealth Elf + 1 Legendary Swap Scroll (20 Soul Stones)  + 15,000 Gold + 3 Upgrade Elixir (M)

2) Special Pack Ⅱ
  -> Components: 2,500 Gems + 100 Soul Stones of Stealth Elf + 1 Legendary Swap Scroll (50 Soul Stones) + 50,000 Gold + 2 Upgrade Elixir (L)
- Skill Packs will not be for sale after the update.
- The purchase limit to Barbella's Heroic Pack changes from once per week to 4 times per month.
※ If you have bought the pack once this week, you can buy it 3 times more until Mar., 31st. (Server time)

4. Skill adjustments
1) Chopscotch
- Damage dealt by Charged-up Axe will be calculated based on DEF. The damage has been calculated based on ATK.

2) Wildfire
- Bonus hits of Lots of Chains will additionally cast EFFECT RES DOWN to all enemies once.

3) Rattle Shake
- Fistful of Snakes will be revised to grant CRIT RATE UP not on all the allies but the ally with the highest ATK, if the target is already Poisoned

4) Thunderbolt
- Lightning Rain
Before update: 60% chance to deal a blow and casts ATK DOWN to all enemies for 1 turn if the attacked enemy blocks Thunderbolt's attack.
After update: 40% chance to gain CRIT RATE UP for 1 turn if the enemy evades
- 'Traptanium Thunder Sword/Chain Traptanium Thundersword will be revised to give bonus hits to the first target.

5) Wham-Shell
- Cooldown for King’s Mace/Poseidon Strike will increase from 11 sec. to 19 sec.

6) Boomer
- Cooldown for Dynamite Toss/ Double Dynamite Toss will increase from 15sec. to 20 sec.

5. ETC.
- Errors in many language translations will be corrected.
- Total quantity of Soul Stones in total quest rewards preview will exclude Soul Stones of Stealth Elf and Enigma provided at the start of Quests.
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Good! We need a place where we grind levels more easily.
Meditating Woodlands should serve well.
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Ooo, looks good! I love all the artwork in this game, I can't get enough. Meditating Woodland sounds like a good addition. I need to play more of this game, school has been keeping me too busy.
Just tested the Meditating Woodlands out...

OH MY GO-! The mount of EXP they hand out is just INSANE!!!
Finally, a chance to properly grind characters that NEED the levels!
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
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RoH Name: Clok-Roo

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