Sneak Peek on v1.0.9
We have a sneak peek on the upcoming v1.0.9 update:

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

We’re excited to share some news on what we have been working on in preparation for the v1.0.9 Update.

Most of the recent updates have had significant effects on the game progressions, particularly concerning the acquisition of Soul Stones.

(The details below are still TBD, but we will notify you on our official v1.0.9 update Patch Notes once they are ready to be published.)

1. Evolution Evolved! No more level limit!
We will be lifting the Evolution pre-requisites, where a Skylander had to reach its max level according to its grade (or Star level). So that means ANY Skylander of ANY grade can reach Lv. 70.

2. Guaranteed Soul Stone drops in Adventure Mode
Soul Stone drops will be a guaranteed for each Skyland Adventure stage, but there will be a daily limit to the amount of Soul Stones that can be acquired.
Also, the Skylander you will get from each Skyland stage will be renewed. Every Portal Master will have a chance to earn a certain amount of Soul Stones from Adventures!

3. Greatly decreased Potion usage cost
We know that the gold cost was a big burden to those who wanted to use potions to level up your Skylanders, so we will greatly (and we mean it!) decrease the gold cost for potion usage.
But wait, there’s more!
Potions of all grades will cost the exact same amount of gold to use!

4. Master Eon’s Guide!
We have handpicked Skylanders loved by all Portal Masters and added their Soul Stones as rewards into the brand new Master Eon’s Guide missions!
When you complete a mission given by Master Eon, you’ll get even more Soul Stones of various Skylanders and you’ll even get a Legendary Skylander once all missions are cleared!

5. Companion Villain Cooldown time renewal
We’ve revamped the system to have different cooldown times for initial summon and re-summon, in hopes that companion Villains will offer a more diverse experience when used in journeys into Skylands!
Here’s a chart to help visualize the cooldown changes.​

[Image: EN_1556170712.jpg]

6. Energy 50% Sale prices become permanent!
We are planning on permanently fixing the Energy prices to current 50% sale prices so that Portal Masters can keep adventuring to their heart’s content!
We will post an additional notice later on, so please stay tuned!

Thank you!​
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Guaranteed Soul Stones in Adventure Mode from now on, huh?

Also, glad they are lifting the Level cap for all Skylanders to be Lv.70 no matter the grade. I have a few Skylanders stuck a their max level and can't get them any higher; Hot Dog Hotdog, Light Jet-Vac Jetvac, Snap Shot Snapshot and so on.

Not so sure about the price drop and equalization for the potions... People will probably just sell of the Common ones and use the others only.
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one thing I would like to see is EXP to summonable villains after battle? I wouldn't mind giving my extra support some extra power
happy Easter in everyone
You mean belated Easter. Smile
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
Yeah, Easter was last weekend for me.
New information on today's update!

"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
The Update on Skylanders ring of the Heroes, It is very impressive and The best part is i can to grow up on 70 level

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