Skylanders Academy is Cancelled
Found by Operationgamer17.

After three seasons on Netflix, Skylanders Academy has been announced to not be returning for a fourth season. Reasons for this are unknown, besides official confirmation from Nancy Koff who serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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Oh my god no! Why, seems Skylanders is official dead, the Spyro fans won. And i'm boycotting Netflix.
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I'm hopping this means they'll return to the Skylanders games. and plus I'm hopping they'll release the shows on DVD
Me too.
This really hurts me to the core...

*begins crying*
Even though this is sad news, I'm glad to have seen a show that gave the characters distinctive personalities. If a new game were to be made, I just hope they take ques from the show in some way.
Just wish to see a more fleshed out reason for the cancellation.

I'll need to try and find a link, but a screenshot from the second season has been my pc background for nearly 2 years and would stay that way for a long time.
Or they could create a game in the same world as the show.
That way, they can discard the Portal of Power and keep on making Skylanders games!
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Skylanders really needs a reboot
Wow! I'm definitely shocked, but I'm not really that upset. I feel like this show did so much right, and also mishandled a TON of stuff. It definitely had it's moments, but I believe it was a poor representation of the franchise. I think having two branches of the franchise is needlessly confusing and detrimental to the whole. I definitely am thankful for the 3 seasons we got though, and there were definitely some great episodes. I loved seeing all the characters remodeled in the style of the show, and some of the action sequences were so awesome. I look forward to (hopefully) seeing where Skylanders goes from here.
That's a shame to here. Guess it being listed as "ongoing" before was less of them working on it and more or less deciding whether or not to actually cancel it.
I cant belive that they are not making a season 4. I am kinda mad how season 2 Spyro wanted to find his ancestors and then in season 3 he turns evil and wants to open the pussle box and at the end of the season Master Eon finds his family and they leave and now there ending it their that makes me mad.

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