Master Eon Relation Paradox
Confused by the title?
Here, let me explain.

This just came to mind one day when I was playing Ring of Heroes. I had just summoned Aurora and mentally commented to myself about her being
And then I realized something...
Eon has a a known niece in Aurora from the game canon... but he also has a twin brother in Strykore from the cartoon canon.

So let's get hypothetical for a second:
In the game canon, Eon would need to have a brother for Aurora to be his niece, which does have in the cartoon canon in Strykore. Only problem is that Strykore is evil.
With the cancellation of the Netflix series, we can only speculate and fantasize about this, but if one or the other character were to be incorporated into the other canon to give credibility to Eon's family relations from either side...

Well, you can probably see the problem yourselves.

This is just a bit of fun, so don't take this TOO seriously, but how do you think this would work (or not) in either/or canon?

(Did I make this clear enough? I'm not really sure how else to explain it.)
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Interesting thoughts Roo! Though I'm not quite sure I'm tracking your ideas. Are you saying she couldn't be Strykor's daughter since he's evil and she's good? I always thought Aurora was Eon's sister's child, for no real reason. I definitely think that merging the game and TV series cannon will create a ton of paradoxes. And I prefer to keep them as far apart from one another as possible. But it's fun to theorize.

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