v1.0.10 Sneak Peek!

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

It’s time for another Dev note! We’re extremely excited to share latest news on what we have been working on in preparations for thev1.0.10 Update. Check out below for more details!

(※ The details below are still TBD, but we will notify you again on our official v1.0.10​ update Patch Notes once they're ready to be published.)

■ Skill balance revision
Some Tech, Magic, and Undead Skylanders’ skills will receive balance changes.

■ More entries for Guild Invasion
The entry chances for Guild Invasion will increase from 1 to 3, and rewards of the Invasion will be adjusted accordingly.

■ 2 New Skylanders
There will be 2 new 5★ Skylanders: Drobot (Tech/Expert) and Head Rush (Earth/Defense)!

■ New Episode on Drobot
A limited time dungeon will be added with the update. In this dungeon, you can experience the story of our new Skylander, Drobot. Don’t forget to collect as many Drobot’s Soul Stones as possible and other items at the exchange shop.

We'd like to thank all users for constant support and we will give you our official v1.0.10 update Patch Notes for more information on the update. Thank you for your patience!
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I saw this in-game too.
I'm intrigued by what balanced the Tech, Magic and Undead Skylanders will get.
I have a few Tech Skylanders use regularly as well as Undead, so hopefully they don't receive any hefty nerfs.

And then Drobot...
Looking forward to seeing what he's going to be like!
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my main team I mostly uses consists of 2 undead and a tech, especially Cynder who is near maxed out and mostly a one hit killer in arena. Hoping to see a not too drastic change, but I have a feeling she may get a nerf at some point.
I'm just hoping they don't nerf Krypt King.
I could do with a slight buff to Chopper, though.
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!

RoH Name: Clok-Roo

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