Future of Skylands [v1.0.12 Update]

Quote:Greetings Portal Masters!

Above all else, we would like to let you know that we have been listening carefully to your opinions through various channels and had tremendous time considering and comparing different options that we may have on the next steps. Our final verdict is that, to make the experiences in Skylands more enjoyable and reasonable, we need to take huge actions and make changes big enough, from the ground up.

This Developer’s note is not final, and there may be more changes to the plans. We will make sure to bring you all the finalized details at the end of the month through an official patch note.
(※ The details and dates below are TBD, and are subject to change anytime)

■ Revised Summon & Point Systems
The Summoning system felt very lackluster. To bring back the excitement of summoning Skylanders, we've come to the conclusion that the system as a whole needs a rework. (The Soul Stones you will get, will be more than the Soul Stones needed for a whole Skylander)

- Wish Stone Summon
  • Wish Stone Summons will contain Soul Stones only, from 1★ to 5★, and other items and Villains will be excluded.
    The quantity of Soul Stones from the Summon will increase greatly.

- New ‘Realm Summon’
We wanted to make sure that Realm of Souls was not just used when there was a Skylander that Portal Master was interested in. Realm of Souls will not drop designated Soul Stones, instead will drop Tickets you can collect and use to purchase the ‘Realm Summon’.
  • Realm Summons will have Soul Stones from 3★ to 5★.
    Specific details will be shared with the upcoming Update Notice.

- Premium Summon
Premium Summon will split into 8 Elements instead of 4. (Light and Dark excluded)
Gems will not be usable for Premium Summon any more. Instead, we will be adding a new ‘Ticket’ which we will explain briefly below.

- Normal/Ultra Premium Summon
-- We will be increasing the amount of Soul Stones significantly.

- Point System
-- Points will be given with Normal Summon as well.
-- 50 Soul Stones of 5★ Skylanders (except for Light/Dark Skylanders) will be rewarded for summoning 10 times with Ultra Premium or 80 times with Normal.
-- Your current Points will be maintained/compensated. We will give you more details with the Official Update Notice.

■ Revised Adventures
Due to the revision on the Summon systems, we made some corresponding changes to Adventures. Adventures will be a place to learn about the game, experience the story, and the main place to earn Skylanders’ EXP. The amount of EXP from each stage will increase greatly, but Soul Stones will not be available from Stages 1 to 6. We will maintain the Soul Stone drop from Stage 7. More details will be available on the upcoming notice.

■ Transmuting Soul Stones
A new system where you can use Soul Stones in the inventory to extract Shards will be added. When you get enough Shards, a Ticket for Premium Summon can be transmuted with the Shards. (We will let you know the quantity of Soul Stones required to transmute in the upcoming notice.)

■ Skylander Stat Rebalancing
According to the changes on Soul Stones acquisition, we will adjust the Stat increase from Power-Up and Evolution, so that the upgrade will be apparent and worthwhile.

■ Shop Items & Reward Modifications
- Items at the Guild Shop and Arena Shop will be renewed.
- Rewards including Missions/Quests rewards and Star rewards will be renewed.

■ 2 New Skylanders
- 2 new Skylanders (of Undead/Light Element) will be revealed.

■ New Content Development
Other than preparing the above update, we are diligently working on new features as well.
A new Episode Dungeon and 61F+ in Mirage Tower are under development, and at the same time are going through internal tests and balancing. As soon as we have finalized these new features, we will share the details.
In addition, we’re preparing new contents including new Adventure stages, Championship Ring and brand-new Rune Dungeons. So please stay tuned!

Thank you.​
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
This might actually bring me back to the game.
I need to keep away from Nitro-Fueled for a bit... I'm well cemented in the to 5% for the Nitro leaderboard, anyway.
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Signing out!

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I still wished they would give us some information on Skylanders for the consoles. (I missed being able to collect Skylanders and send them to battle on the big screen and 3DS.)
Com2Us aren’t in charge of the console versions, only Ring of Heroes.
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
Even so, the future of the franchise should be WITHOUT the Portal of Power.
Toys-to-life is all but dead, now. I think even Nintendo is backing out of their amiibo's.
Skylanders needs a game that is more about specific Skylanders working as a team... like what Imaginators TRIED to be, but failed miserably at.

For instance, could you imagine a game where you had the freedom to explore Skylands however you wanted?
The ability to fly through the skies however you please... Now THAT would put pretty much every open-world adventure game to shame!
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Spotlight and Chop Chop~

[Image: tumblr_pv2539UqPK1vi4j58o1_640.jpg][Image: tumblr_pv2539UqPK1vi4j58o2_640.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_pv2539UqPK1vi4j58o3_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_pv2539UqPK1vi4j58o4_500.jpg]
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
just WOW!!!!!.The new updates in all at once on Skylanders Ring of Heroes!!!!!!!!!.
Those Awakened Designs for Chop Chop and Spotlight look AWESOME!
Really glad to see Chop Chop is coming to the game, as well. That makes me happy!
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Update Info is now out
The update is met with negative reception by most players.
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
I was playing it last night...
I don't mind the changes they've made.
I think people are just unhappy because they became accustomed to something, and now they've changed it around. (Get over it, people!)
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
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RoH Name: Clok-Roo
new upgrades of skylanders ring of heroes are still better than ever and I'm pleased with the best upgrades.

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