Game pitch idea for future skylander game.

I have an idea, in the next game, Eon began studying the limits of mind magic and discover a way for portal masters to safely visit skylands, by creating powerful beings know as Spirit Vessels, A kind of "Body" For portal masters, basically you construct a figure in the real world by snapping on pieces of the Vessel onto the portal master base, Legs, Torso, arms, head, hair, and a staff that fits into the Portal Master's hand. There are also "Gear" That can be snapped onto the vessel for stats bonus' The figure then acts as "Master Figure." Saving the data of the Skylanders and Imaginatiators, acquired in-game.

In the story, All the skylanders are invited to a luxury vacation, only to be captured by Kaos and a mysterious villain who has complete control over traptanium. The captured Skylanders are then scattered across skylands, trapped in mysterious Dungeons of Illusion. Thankfully, the portal master themselves arrived just when they are about to ship off Spyro, Trigger Happy, and Gill grunt. After freeing them, they fleed to the Master's Castle. A hub area which is really a large town. Can be constructed and outfitted with shops, training areas, parks, restaurants and all kind of facilities. 

The Illusionary dungeons are seal tight, luckily, there is one force capable of breaking through it....The bond between Portal Master and Skylander. This bond manifests itself as crystal shards known as Bond Shards, Bond Shards are generated by your skylanders hourly. They can also be gain by completing quest or missions, These bond shards can be used to pry open the doorways to illusionary dungeons, where a trapped skylander waits. bond shards can also be used to purify corrupted creation crystals, which can then be used to create new imaginators!

That's my idea so far, Let me know what you think.

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