Second August Update
Com2Us released a new notice for the second August update:

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

Before we start off with introducing the 2nd week of August’s update, we would like to take this time to provide some reasoning behind our recent change in direction. With some changes made in the office, we’ve felt that we need to prioritize providing the best gaming experience over providing content.

After reviewing some of the community feedback, our decision to move in this direction was only confirmed and we have decided to take full responsibility of making sure to send Skylanders Ring of Heroes in the right direction for the 2nd update of August. After lengthy and thorough discussions, we have come to the conclusion that we need to spend more time on polishing, fixing and providing some major improvements rather than provide more content.

With that being said, we are sad to announce that we have decided to hold off on the release of new content and the fixes of the most recent implemented content, including Guild War, Invasion and the Rewards from Distorted Dimensions, to make sure we cover Quality of Life improvements. If there are any changes in our plans, we will communicate with you via more notices on HIVE.

Regarding the Special Point Shop event, we've added more rewards. We are looking at Rare-Legendary Swap Scrolls, Heroic- Legendary Swap Scrolls, various kinds of Summon Tickets, Upgrade Stones, Gold, and plenty of Gems.
Alongside expressing our deepest apologies on the delay, we have prepared a daily event to claim a Summon Ticket for logging in every day.

We are fully aware of those rewards are not enough for inconvenience and disappointment caused by this most recent delay, but we hope that this event can assist in your needs to power up your Skylanders.
Once again, we apologize for delaying the planned improvements and new content. We ask for patience and understanding as we work out the kinks in the core game before moving forward!

We will continue listening to all feedback and push ourselves to better the Skylands! We look forward to creating a more fun and pleasant place for all Portal Masters to continue adventuring in!

Thank you.
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v1.0.13 Update Notice along with Maintenance:

v1.0.13 Update Wrote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

As we informed you in the latest update notice, we are focusing more on user convenience for v1.0.13 update.

For more info on the update, please read below.

[v1.0.13 update details]
1. Rune Recommendation System
- Rune Recommendation is a feature which recommends Runes to each of your Skylanders.
- You can tap [Rune Recommendation] at [Rune] menu to see which Runes are recommended for your Skylanders.
- Runes will be recommended for both Adventures/PvP stages. Also, you can tap a button with a stage name to directly move to the stage and acquire recommended Runes. 

2. More content in Help
- A dialog to explain Transmutation will be added. You’ll see the dialog, when you enter Alchemy.
- Explanation on Summon will be added.

3. Other modifications
- The awkward animations that occurred when Wham-Shell is stunned, has been fixed.
- Revised codes to prevent iOS crashes.

As we announced before, we will inform you of changes to Guild War/Invasion as soon as possible.
We apologize for delaying improvements on some features including Guild War/Invasion and hope for your patience and understanding.

Thank you.

V1.0.13 Update Maintenance Notice Wrote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

We'll be performing maintenance to apply 1.0.13 Update.
Please read below for details on the maintenance.

[Server Maintenance Schedule]
- August 28th 10:00pm - August 29th 1:00am (PDT)

Description: application of the latest update
Please be noted that you won't be able to log in the game during the maintenance.

Thank you!
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That dialog box for the Alchemy will come in handy. Had no idea what to do when I first entered it.
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