Update v1.0.15
New update is live:

Quote:1. Guild War system updates

▶ Guild War's new season begins!
- Start date: 3:00 pm Sept 30th (Mon.)
- Guild War will be held every day during the below time (server time).
* Application time: 3:00 pm – 5:50pm
* Guild War period: 6:00 pm – 2:29 pm, the next day
* Tallying time: Sun. 3:00 pm – Mon. 2:59 pm

▶ Changes in the seasonal ranking system and rewards.

- The ranking rewards for 1st to 10th will be sent based on the pinned rankings. The other participants will be categorized in percentage terms and get rewards according to the category they belong to.

[Image: en1_1569397476.jpg]

▶ Changes in the Guild War rewards
- The winner will receive ‘Champion Chest.’
* The chest includes 200 Guild Points + Gold or Rare – Legendary Omni Soul Stone.
* The amount of Gold and the grade of the Omni Soul Stone will be given by a certain rate.
- Participants will receive 100 Guild Points as Daily Participation Reward.

▶ Improved Guild War Application System
- If you miss the application time, you can apply for the next Guild War in advance. (4:00pm - the next day 5:50pm, server time)
- In the phase of a Guild War, you can apply for the current war only during 3:00pm – 5:50pm (server time), which will remain the same.

▶ Changes in medal rules
- 3 Gold/Silver/Bronze medals will be given to all participants participating in the Guild War.
- Each medal is worth points. Once you take a medal from an opponent, you will earn points as the following: 5 points will be given for Gold, 4 points for Silver, and 3 points for Bronze. (If an opponent has Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, you will earn medals by the following order: Gold medals first, Silver ones the next, and lastly Bronze medals.)
- You can take up to 3 medals of the opponent in the battle.
- Removed a rule that doubles the number of medals you earn for defeating a Commando.

▶ Changes in Bonus Point Rules
- You will earn 1 point for participating in a battle.
- Bonus points will be awarded for defeating stronger opponents.
- If a guild has more members than the opponent guild, 3 points per each guild member will be rewarded before the battle begins.
- 50 points will be rewarded as Guild War Victory Points.

▶ New feature: Identification Hint
- Identification hints will be randomly given to the guild members.
- You can find out the opponent member's role and the commando by using identification hints on opponents.
- The identification result will be shared with all of your Guild members.

▶ Other improvements in Guild War
- A Skylander with seasonal buffs will be highlighted.
- When there's not enough numbers of Guild War participants, the number of participating members will be shown.

2. Invasion system updates

▶ Changes in Invasion participation
- Among the 3 battle results, the highest damage score will now be counted for ranking. 

▶ Changes in Rewards
- The individual reward will be given based on your grade. (See the table below.)
- The new ranking reward will be awarded once ranked on a new level from the additional trial.

[Image: en2_1569397490.jpg]

- The additional participation reward will be awarded based on the ranking.

▶ Changes in the Ranking system and rewards

- Rank No. 1 to 10 will be rewarded based on the pinned rankings. Other participants will be categorized in percentage terms and get rewards according to the category they belong to.

[Image: en3_1569397621.jpg]

3. Others

- Changes in Tutorials and Dialogs (Strike / Skill queue / Endurance)
-  Skylander Soul Stones summoning sound effects has changed.
- When summoning Soul Stones of 5★ Skylanders, the lastly summoned Skylander will appear on chat.
- 2 new packs will be added. (You can buy them for a week after the update.)

Thank you.
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