v1.0.16 Update

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Greetings, Portal Masters!

We would like to inform you of the V1.0.16 update.
For details, please read below.

[V1.0.16 Update Info.]

1. New Skylander: Boom Bloom
▶ Boom Bloom who is a 5★ Life Skylander and Attack type will join the squad!
* You cannot use Selection Scrolls/Master Eon's Guide (the guide to growth)/Point Rewards to earn Soul Stones of the new Skylander.

2. New Dungeon with Boom Bloom’s Episode
▶ A new dungeon with an episode on Boom Bloom will be added.
- The dungeon and its shop will be available during the below period. (server time)
* The dungeon will open after the Oct. 31st update and will be available until Nov. 13th 11:59pm.
* The shop in the dungeon will open after the Oct. 31st update and will be available until Nov. 20th 11:59pm.
- Use special currencies to buy special items. The currencies will be given for clearing the dungeon.
- The special currencies are usable until Nov. 20th 11:59pm (server time). Make sure to use them before they expire.
※ The dungeon and shop’s opening periods are based on your server time. (AU/CA, Global: PDT/PST, Europe: CET)

3. New Event
▶ Halloween Roulette Event will be held.
- Event period: after the Oct 31st update – Nov. 14th 11:59pm (server time)
- Tap [Events] on the main screen to participate the event.

<Event Info.>
Complete missions, earn Halloween Roulette Tickets every day!
Use the ticket, play roulette and get Gold, Gems and other items as a participation reward. If you frequently participate in the event, you can earn Frequent Participation Rewards.
* Get Halloween Roulette Tickets at [Halloween Missions] tab and play roulette at [Halloween Roulette] tab.

[Frequent Participation Rewards]
The rewards will be given based on the times you participate in the event.
10 times: Upgrade Stone (S) x1
20 times: Legendary-Heroic Swap Scroll (30) x1
30 times: Ultra Premium Ticket x1
40 times: Legendary Swap Scroll (20) x2
50 times: Upgrade Stone (M) x1
4. New packs
▶ 3 new packs will be added for Halloween.
- Halloween Pack: Buy Ultra Premium Tickets and Gems at a discounted price.
- Hex’s Halloween Pack: Get Soul Stones of 4★ Skylander from this pack.
- Chop Chop’s Halloween Pack: Get Soul Stones of the 5★ Skylander from this pack.
* Purchase is limited to once for each pack during one week after the update.
* Check other various items included in the above packs after the update!

5. Etc.
- The tutorial for Invasion has been improved.
- Help on Guild content has been revised.
- Event UI has been improved for easier participation in various events.

Thank you!
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
That V1.0.16 Update will be so crazy awesome and full with gifts where you never to stop to take more, more gifts.

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