Com2Us’ 1st Anniversary Letter to Fans

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

It's already been one year since Skylanders was released globally. Over the course of the year, Skylanders has had many changes. So, we would like to thank you for celebrating our first anniversary with us and for all the love and support that many of you have sent us throughout the year. Over time, there have been many comments about what needs to be improved, and we have been very sympathetic to what users have sent us and we've been steadily improving and updating the Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. However, we are regretful that our efforts were not enough to satisfy all users. This inevitably led to a long year filled with regrets and disappointments.

We've had a lot of internal discussions about these concerns, and we needed to pull back a bit, stop and think. Are the steps we’re taking the right steps and are we moving Skylanders: Ring of Heroes in the right direction? No matter how many times we looked at it, the results that we were looking for, the one road that led to satisfaction for all players, it wasn’t attainable. Yes, we could make changes here and there, but overall, we wouldn’t be fixing major issues, we’d just be slapping a bandaid on them.

Therefore, we are currently developing a whole new Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, and we are working hard to introduce it as soon as possible. In fact, we’re trying to get it launched later this year!
We are aware of the concerns that many of you, in our community, have shared with us. However, because this change was such a big decision, it has taken us longer than originally anticipated to get around to sharing the news. And, as it has been such a long time, we're sure you, the community, would be curious about when and how Skylanders: Ring of Heroes will change. However, due to the scale of this project and because of all the major changes coming out of it, it's ever changing and nothing is set in stone yet. Any major updates or details will be shared at a later date in the near future!

Thank you again for supporting Skylanders: Ring of Heroes for one year, even though there were a lot of flaws, and we will do our best to repay your support through the newly born Skylanders in 2020.

Thank you.
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