1st Revamp Roadmap Notice
We have another update on the upcoming Ring of Heroes reboot, this time focusing on the Portal Masters.

Quote:Greetings Portal Masters from Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

Today, we'll be introducing you to the first part of our revamped mechanics!

- Portal Masters.

Until now, Portal Masters have played a limited role in the game. In the revamp, Portal Masters’ participation in battles will have changed completely.

In the revamped Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, users will be able to upgrade Portal Masters directly. Each Portal Master will also possess skills. There will be 4 new Portal Masters, including the default Eugenie and George, joining Skylands.

Let's meet them one by one!

* First Portal Master: The Treasure House of Knowledge, Eugenie.

When it comes to Portal Masters, Eugenie is a bookworm. She was most comfortable in the basement reading area of the library at her school. When Eugenie came through the Portal to Skylands, Master Eon recognized her strengths and allowed her full access to the Academy Library. Master Eon discovered that Eugenie possessed the ability to analyze the strengths of Skylanders, and utilize these strengths to benefit allies.

Eugenie uses her skills to buff the attack stat of Skylanders. [Eugenie– Skill Casting Image]

[Image: %EC%88%98%EC%A0%95%EB%90%A8_ugenie_1595253502.jpg]

[Image: %EC%88%98%EC%A0%95%EB%90%A8_SKill_Eugeni...253973.png]

* Second Portal Master: Shield of Protection, George

When the weak are in need of help, George’s strength shines through. When George arrived in Skylands, the powers in the land sensed his strong heart. George was gifted with this power, an ability suited to his strengths. George is now able to create a solid shield of earth and stone that can compete with any other shield in Skylands.

George uses protection skills to guard ally Skylanders.

[Image: Revised_George_1595296983.jpg]

[Image: revised_Skill_george_1595296993.png]

* Third Portal Master: Tarot Master Trainee, Ryeo

Ryeo has always had an interest and connection with fortune-telling, especially tarot cards. When she became a Portal Master, she was excited to learn about the future and to be gifted this ability through the powers of Skylands. Unfortunately for her, the only ability she received was to throw cards as she wished.  Ryeo was disheartened, but Master Eon and Hugo gifted her special tarot cards that fit her powers and were suited for use in battle. After much practice, she is now able to throw the cards to block the enemies’ sight.

Ryeo’s skills weaken her enemies.

[Image: revised_ryeo_1595297003.jpg]

[Image: revised_Skill_ryeo_1595297012.png]

* Fourth Portal Master: Clockmaker, Bruno

Bruno has spent so much time around clocks, he could almost control time itself. When Bruno enters the battle, he becomes a fearsome ruler of time. All Skylanders’ skills require the consumption of mana and a cooldown time once they're used, but Bruno's watch makes this immutable rule disappear.

Bruno uses his skills to help in battle by controlling time.

[Image: revised_bruno_1595297033.jpg]

[Image: revised_SKill_Bruno_1595297091.png]

As you've seen above, how you utilize your Portal Masters will affect battle greatly since each Portal Master possesses unique traits.

You'll also be able to level up Portal Masters’ skills for stronger effects.

Also, when you level up the Portal Masters, you'll get [bonus effects] which will make Skylanders stronger. These bonus effects will also vary according to the Portal Masters’ traits.

We hope you're excited as we are to utilize the new Portal Masters.

Please note that more Portal Masters will be added to the game with future updates, so keep your eyes open!

We'll be back with the [2nd Revamp Roadmap Notice - Summoning].

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I LIKE what they're doing with the Portal Masters here, and giving them unique names!
And how they have unique Portal Masters with different abilities makes them feel like ACTUAL characters!
I might actually get back into the game when this comes around. This will make a great addition!
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