3rd Revamp Roadmap Notice - Battle System

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

Previously, we looked into the renewed Portal Masters and Summoning system! This time we take a look at the renewed [Battle System].

[Team Composition], [Battle System], [Skill], and [Endurance] will be revamped.

Please read below for the details.

(* Please note that the details below are still in development and are subject to change.)

1. Team Composition Revamp

Villains will no longer help the battle. Instead, 1 more Skylander will join your team along the revamped Portal Master.

[Image: Party_EN_1599114333.jpg]

Now with 4 Skylanders participating in the battle, more skills are available which will increase the strategic side of the battle.

2. Battle System Revamp

Focus of the Battle system revamp is to maximize unique traits of Skylanders and strategic gameplay while minimizing mundane elements.

[Image: Battle_EN_1599114342.jpg]

As shown in the image above, the battle system will be changed from [real-time] to [turn-based], making the battle system more intuitive.

Currently with the Real-Time battle system, how quickly and effectively consuming Mana was important. With the renewed battle system,  Portal Masters will have more time to think about how to effectively consume Mana during their turn.

Portal Masters will be able to distinguish between an [ally’s turn] and the [enemy’s turn] clearly. The number of skills Skylanders can use in battle will also increase making battle more interesting.

3. Skill Revamp

Along with the battle system change, Skylanders’ skill system will be going through revamps, including but not limited to, skill revamps, skill balancing, and changing cooldown from seconds to turns.

Let’s take a look at Wind Stormblade as an example.

[Image: Stormblade_EN_1599114418.jpg]

Some Skylanders’ skills will be modified completely like Skill 1, the Passive skill, and the Leader Skill. Some skills will be modified partially like Skill 2 and 3. Almost all Skylanders’ skills will be seeing some sort of change and balancing!

Some skills are subject to be rebalanced or modified and some skills are subject to change completely.

Effects such as buff/debuff are also in the process of being renewed.

Skill Upgrades when Awakening will also be changed. Portal masters will be able to upgrade various skills instead of being limited to upgrading 1 skill when Awakening.

4. Endurance Revamp

[Image: knockdown0_1599110575.jpg]

In the current version, characters are only [Knockdown] when Endurance drops to 0. With the new version, additional mechanics will be added to help Portal Masters utilize Endurance in various ways to make battle more entertaining.

These mechanics are Break and Knockdown. Please read below for a brief explanation.

[Break]: Endurance is at 0 - ATK and DEF are weakened.

[Image: break_1599110586.jpg]

[Knockdown]: Endurance is at 0 and stunned -  Cannot use skills in the next turn.

[Image: knockdown_1599110600.jpg]

The biggest difference is that characters do not become stunned when Endurance drops to 0. Characters will be in [Break] status when at 0 Endurance, but they will still be able to use skills to attack the enemy.

Attacking with skills that have [Knockdown] effect against characters with 0 Endurance (or if that attack caused Endurance to drop to 0) will trigger [Knockdown] status.

Revamped Endurance system makes team composition more important, increasing the strategic elements of the battle system.

Please stay tuned to check out the revamped Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes yourself when the update is released.

We’ll be back with the [4th Revamp Roadmap Notice - Upgrade].

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This game was MEANT to be turn-based; so glad that they are making that change!
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