Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Toys to Life?
I saw the trailer for the new Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and it instantly brought back memories of the Toys to Life hayday! I definitely looks like a cool game. I also found it interesting that it's being developed by Velan Studios, which is the studio started by Guha and Karthik Bala after they left Vicarious Visions. I always loved the innovation and fresh ideas Guha and Karthik (and their team) brought to Skylanders. And I'm glad  to see them still working on Toys to Life games, even if this isn't being branded as "Toys to Life".
Here is an IGN article that has the trailer.

BTW, I haven't posted in AGES, but I've definitely been checking back on these forums regularly!
It’s not so much of a Toys to Life game, it’s more of an AR game.
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