6th Revamp Roadmap Notice - Contents Part 2

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

As continuation of Contents Part 1, we’ll continue to look into revamped contents.

Please read below for more info on the revamped contents.

(* Please note that the details below are still in development and are subject to change.)

1. Mirage Tower

[Image: %EC%8B%A0%EA%B8%B0%EB%A3%A8%EC%9D%98%20%...662963.png]

The Mirage Tower has been revamped to reset every month which Portal Masters would want to challenge.

If the previous Mirage Tower was made up of a simple formation where Portal Masters cleared each floor with battle power, the revamped Mirage Tower will require Portal Masters to use strategy and different team compositions of Skylanders to clear.

It may be challenging, but clearing each stage will give Portal Masters a great sense of achievement along with increased rewards.

Rewards for each floor will be changed to Skill Power-up Stones which are used to power-up Skylander skills, and great rewards will be given whenever Portal Masters clear every 10th floor for the first time (available once per account).

Portal Masters will also receive stars by completing star missions for each floor, and get bonus rewards according to the amount of accumulated stars. The Mirage Tower will reset once a month, and Portal Masters will be able to enter each floor again to collect stars again.

The star missions will change with monthly reset of the Mirage Tower, which will enable Portal Masters to enjoy the content without getting bored of the same old battles.

Skill Power-up Stones, which are an important part of the Upgrade System, can be earned from the Mirage Tower, so be sure to challenge the Tower to make your Skylanders stronger.

2. Guardians

[Image: %EC%88%98%ED%98%B8%EB%8C%80%20%EB%B0%B0%...662976.png]

After successfully stopping the Villains evil plan in each island, Portal Masters can place Skylanders to protect the islands from Villains invading again.

Designated Skylanders can be placed according to the island’s traits and difficulty. The longer the Guardians are protecting, the greater rewards Portal Master can earn.

[Image: %EC%88%98%ED%98%B8%EB%8C%80%20%EB%A9%94%...662988.png]

The main rewards of the Guardians system are Gold and EXP items, which are the basic items to upgrade Skylanders. The Guardian placement time will be accumulated even when Portal Masters are not logged in, and Portal Masters will be able to collect huge rewards when they get back to the game after a break.

The Guardians System will aid Portal Masters to use the time and energy used for level ups to other contents and will decrease the burden of upgrading different Skylanders.

3. Arena

[Image: %EC%95%84%EB%A0%88%EB%82%98%20%EB%A1%9C%...663009.png]

Team composition will be changed.

●        Current: 3 Skylanders + 1 Villain
●        New: 4 Skylanders + Portal Master

[Image: %EC%95%84%EB%A0%88%EB%82%98_1604663024.png]

The battle method will also change from real-time battle to turn-based battle. The 1st attack turn will be determined by the battle power, which will make battle power very important in deciding the battle’s result.

Current battle strategy was very limited with simply using Area of Effect skills. However, the revamped version will provide more strategic battle with team composition, mana usage, Portal Master Skills, and etc. and will make each battle feel different even when facing the same opponent over and over.

These changes will make each battle exciting and each victory worthwhile.

4. Dark Subjugation

[Image: %EC%96%B4%EB%91%A0%20%ED%86%A0%EB%B2%8C%...663039.png]

In Dark Subjugation, Portal Masters will battle against Kaos in 3 phases to check the limits of their Skylanders.

[Image: %EC%96%B4%EB%91%A0%20%ED%86%A0%EB%B2%8C%...663053.png]

Portal Masters can participate 3 times a day and their progress is ranked. The ranking refreshes every day, and a weekly ranking which is tallied up on a weekly basis.

Portal Masters can check the growth of their Skylanders every day with the daily ranking and can compare the strength of their Skylanders with other Portal Masters with the weekly ranking.

Portal Masters will have to participate in the Dark Subjugation for the Superboost Keys, which are key elements for Skylander growth.

Through Superboost Keys, Portal Masters will be able to upgrade Skylanders to its maximum potential easier compared to the current system where summoning was required to upgrade.

That’s all we have for the revamped contents.

Next time, we’ll be back with a Q&A session.

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