Skylanders™ ROH 3rd Developer’s Note

Com2Us Developer Note Wrote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

First of all, we’d like to apologize for not being able to respond quickly to the feedback we’ve been getting from the community. We’re trying our best to respond with accurate answers, which is taking longer than we anticipated.

We’ll be giving you details on the new content and game money supply which have been mentioned in the 2nd developer’s note. The details below will be applied to the game starting this week and completed by mid-February.

Please take a look below for the details.

[Skill Power-up Stone Supply Balance Modification]

The amount of Skill Power-up Stones given in the game will be modified.

Increase supply through content

New content will be added for you to get Skill Power-up Stones in addition to the Mirage Tower. It’ll be related to the Episode Dungeon, which will come up later, and enable you to get an increased amount of Skill Power-up Stones in the game.

Limited-Time Events

Before the content is added, we’ll be holding an event to give out the amount that’s equivalent to the amount you can acquire from the new content. Additional events are being prepared in addition to the wheel event which has been notified before.

[New Content Update]

New content will be added to the game to supply new game money and for new challenges.

1. Episode Dungeon & Episode Pass

1) Episode Dungeon

Various characters will become the stars of episode dungeons and you’ll battle repeatedly with the star character in two different modes.

■ Story mode

A mode where you proceed with a story battling with the star character.

■ Sparring mode

You’ll battle to compete against the star character and the Portal Master will select the mode difficulty to battle.

2) Episode Pass

A new episode pass will be added for you to get rewards according to the progress of the story mode and sparring mode of the episode dungeon.

Gold Dungeon

You’ll be able to get Gold by battling against the Gold Queen protecting the secret golden cave.

It’s under development with the goal to provide the Gold supply required to upgrade Skylanders.

Sky Pass

Various missions will be held separate from the episode dungeon.

You’ll be able to get core items required to upgrade Skylanders from the mission completion reward.

[New Portal Master & Skylander Update]

1. Water Portal Master Update

A Portal Master that uses recovery skills for stable battle will be updated.

2. New Skylander Update (Added)
New Skylanders will be added every month!
A new Earth Legendary Skylander with multi wide range attack will be added first, and a Fire Skylander with fierce wide range attacks that can be linked with explosion effects will be added with updates.​

[Contents / Item / Improvements]

1. Arena and Sky Tower Improvement

The reward will be adjusted so you get higher glory points in higher grades and the number of rewards will be accurately divided per tier to provide a goal to aim for higher grades.

Lucky Box Item Update

New Lucky Box will be added for you to get Gold and various upgrade game money. Lucky Boxes will be available from the new episode dungeon and you can also use premium/rare imaginites at the Light Shop to exchange with Lucky Boxes.


We’re checking the bugs that have been reported by the users. We’ll try our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

We’re well aware of the fact that we lack enjoyable content and users are faced with the difficulty of upgrading Skylanders. We’re trying our best to resolve the issues by developing new content and improvements, but it’s taking a long time to work on these issues on top of the contents that we’ve been developing for future updates. We ask for your kind understanding and we’ll do our best to provide new and changed Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

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