What to know about Giants
[Image: giants-logo.png]

Thousands of years ago, the Skylanders Giants fought epic battles in Skylands, but were banished to Earth. Now Kaos is back and with a new threat looming, it’s time to bring them back to join forces with the Skylanders. Only you can put them into the Portal of Power® to unleash their strength in the ultimate battle to save Skylands.

Regular Starter Pack

  • Tree Rex
  • S2 Cynder
  • Jet-Vac
  • Portal of Power
  • Trading cards
  • batteries
  • Copy of game
Portal Owners Pack

  • Tree Rex
  • Trading card
  • Copy of game
[Image: 81IB1NsZhbL._SL1500_.jpg]

[Image: 91GQ2ZljNyL._SL1500_.jpg]


"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."

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