Thoughts on Skylanders OC's
I don't know if this goes in Fan Material... Let's face it, we all have done Skylanders OC's. Heck, even i have done a few. So, thoughts on Skylanders OC's?

In my opinion most Skylanders OC's are very creative, unlike in certain fandoms OC's that they are not that very creative and original though.
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Call me clueless, but what does OC stand for?
Original Character, as in fan character.
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Ah, I see... In that case, I don't belong here.
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I only need to set DeviantART search to recent to be fully sure that some OCs, a LOT of OCs are 100% crap and recolors made out of bases(or tracing since that's fun). WeirdLanders and some others like me are the exception. Don't want to mention the specific artist but he makes OCs by the dozen in a single day and they're all the same body with different colors and holding random rectangles in different positions, and gets tons of views for the zero effort.

Totes not salty that he gets views for never getting some characters' colors right either or grossly innacurate designs, nope.
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
Yeah aside for that, I have seen better. I rarely see recolored Oc's in the fandom. All the Skylander OC's i have seen are original and creative. Yes some of them are trash but most of the fandom is trying to make something original.

I still need to redraw a few of them from 2 years ago, I know about who are you talking about Graupel, i'm not saying his name, but it's kinda true.
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I haven't kept up with the trend lately, but the ones I saw were always a treat! I'm a huge fan of fanworks, and I love how there would often be ideas of upgrades and a backstory attached!
(also, link to my favorite ever Skylander OC: )
I have a highly developed Skylanders OC at but yeah there are some crappy ones. Weirdlanders is amazing though.

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